Raja Khan burnt himself How is responsible?
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Raja Khan soasided, died or killed by hunger. He was father of two children and third one born just when he was dying in islamabad. He burnt himself in front of Pakistani parliment.His brother told the media (when he came to recieve Raja khan,s body)that he was jobless, had nothing to feed his childern and after months of sufferings he did this.
The day raja khan took his life begam nusrat bhutto( wife of Z A Bhutto Mother of benazir Bhutto and Mother in law of president Zardari) was died and GVT announced holliday the wholw media was covering the death of Nusrat Bhutto.
Now the Question is, who is responsible for Raja khan,s Death??
Was he not a human being??
Was Nusart bhutto,s death more importent for the media instead of a man who was crying and dying with hunger??