American Revolutionary War
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Disadvantages for british and colonists of the revolutionary war 0 3/1/2016
Do you think that the people care about our environment 0 1/13/2016
American revolution war 1 1/13/2016
How many American generals fought in the Revolutionary War? 0 11/18/2015
What were the secret bases of the war and where can I locate the written information. 0 11/4/2015
What were some of the factors that led to American victory in the war? 4 7/19/2015
What do you know about musket balls drilled through? I recently dug a musket ball in Pocotaligo, South Carolina that both the Revolutionary War and... 0 2/14/2015
In what ways do you think the french will be able to assist the american during the revalostionary war? 0 1/9/2015
Why did the british move the fight from the north to the south 1 12/1/2014
My relative John Caldwell is to early for me to join the D.R.A. but I was told that I could join the first families of Virginia,how do I go about doin... 0 10/28/2014
What was the largast colony? 0 9/17/2014
What were some of the key battles? 0 9/6/2014
What did america's protestant clergy think about the american revolutionary war? 0 4/3/2014
How did the american revolutionary war influenced the decolonisation of latin America. 0 11/21/2013
Where did the first conflict of the American Revolution take place? 0 11/19/2013
Analyze and discuss the role of the french in the american revolution. how vital was their participation? why? 0 5/29/2013
At the outset of the reveloution there was a division of opinion among american colonists 1 5/26/2013
What were some of the repercussions of the American Revolution? 3 5/14/2013
What is the training of american and british? 0 12/15/2012
what was the immediate effect of the aerican war of independence on great britain 0 11/7/2012
What were the advantages and disadvantages for the colonists and british for the revolutionary war? 0 10/6/2012
What were some of the key battles of the Revolutionary War? 4 1/2/2011
What were some of the factors that led to the American Revolutionary War? 2 1/1/2011