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How many days they spent on the moon? what did they do after landing on the moon? 0 11/24/2015
Hi, I was wondering if there are any pictures taken from the Earth after Apollo 11 landed and the astronauts were on the moon. Did they peak at ... 0 1/14/2015
Who closed the door on the Apollo 11 spacecraft and turned the craft over to the Astronaughts. Do you know his name? 1 8/10/2014
Apollo 0 9/29/2013
How did the lunar module regain climate control after the hatch was opened.I know it had battery power but no apu. 0 9/29/2013
Deterioration of lunar hardware. 0 8/1/2013
What is some info that was collected about apollo 11? 0 12/13/2012