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JFK and Vietnam 1 10/25/2016
Was John F Kennedy a bad president? Why? 2 12/1/2015
Why was JFK a good leader? 0 10/22/2015
Did JFK Have graves disease? 0 5/25/2015
John f. kennedy 0 5/22/2015
What lead to john f. kennedys assassination and how it happened? 0 5/22/2015
What is the difference between John F Kennedy and Lyndon B Johnson? 0 3/24/2015
I recently read a book called ''Final Judgement'' by Michael collins-piper, which is an underground best seller as no book store in the States will pu... 0 3/16/2015
Was John F Kennedy a good man who had a few weakness's or just the same as most politicians? 3 3/15/2015
How much did you make as president 1 2/9/2015
Why was John F.Kennedy referred to as 'Jack'? 1 11/26/2014
What did J.F.K say about Limerick Ladies during his speech in Irelabd 0 11/23/2014
Do you think the JFK assassination was a conspiracy? 5 6/15/2014
Durng jfk's road to presidency, what was hs opposing candidates, richard nixon's or his party's platform? 0 3/21/2014
I have a painting of John F.kennedy painted by Lorengo would like to know how old is the painting and what year did the painter paint the painting if... 0 2/4/2014
Examples of john f kennedy as chief diplomat 0 10/15/2013
I'm trying to locate a photo of Senator John Kennedy that was taken on September 13, 1960, when he was making a campaign speech near the federal court... 0 8/3/2013
How did JFK seek to contain Communism in Latin America? 2 3/8/2012
JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis 1 3/6/2012
JFK's military service 2 2/5/2012
Kennedy and Ireland 1 1/2/2011
Why did JFK give the West Berlin speech? 1 1/2/2011