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What did Nixon do for the Space Program? 2 10/25/2016
What were Nixon's views on civil rights? 2 10/25/2016
What were some of Nixon's successes as President? 2 10/25/2016
Richard nixon as chief diplomat 0 12/4/2015
Describe student unrest and the vietnam war and their connections and each affected the other 0 4/24/2015
How did Nixon originally approach Cold War politic before becoming president in 1968? 0 4/24/2015
Ie the COLA for SS, does it include grocery costs and housing cost, if not when was it deleted and by whom 0 3/20/2015
What were Nixon's economic policies? 2 6/17/2014
What is Nixon's legacy? 2 3/8/2012
What were some of the consequences of the Watergate scandal? 2 2/5/2011
How did Nixon bring about the end of the Vietnam War? 2 1/3/2011